Ordering information

I rarely order online – how can I order pictures here?

Choose a picture you like in any folder and click on it. Then choose the product of your choice, provide the number of products you want and click on the button: "Add to basket”. Once you’ve added all the pictures you like to the cart, click on the "Basket”-button in the upper right corner and follow the further instructions.

Is the logo/water-mark going to be removed from the picture?

Of course! The water-mark is only used as protection against illegal downloading.

Can I order several pictures at the same time?

Yes! Just choose the pictures of your choice. These will be automatically added to your cart. Look out for our savings packages too. If you buy five pictures you will get these for a better price.

There are just a few pictures of me or my driver?

Unfortunately it can always happen that we don’t have a lot of pictures of each and every driver. If you wish for a wider selection, just talk to our photographer on scene. He will then pay special attention to you.

Where can we view the status of our order, e.g. cash receipt, production or date of shipment?

It’s easiest to click on the link in your order-confirmation e-Mail. Alternatively you can also log-in with your password and e-Mail address at "KENNWORT-LOGIN"via "client login". You can then view your order details at "My account"

How long does shipment take?

The delivery time depends on the method of payment. If you pay via PayPal or debit, the order is going to be processed immediately. If you pay in advance, it usually takes 3-4 days longer. The delivery time also depends on the chosen products. You can check the production times in the respective product information.

How is the quality of pictures, posters, etc.?

We only work with chosen specialist laboratories. These specialist laboratories use high-quality materials of well-known suppliers and don’t make any compromises regarding quality. If there should ever be any problem, we will of course take care of it.

Can the picture detail be altered?

Yes. You can do this in the shopping cart. If you scale down the picture detail, the respective area is going to be enlarged. Look at the stars that show you if the resolution of the picture is high enough for the enlargement. You can also trim a picture so that nothing of the motive is going to get cropped.


The water-mark on the pictures is only used as protection. If you order pictures, the water-mark is going to be removed from the pictures. This applies for downloads as well as printed products.

Delivery times

After cash receipt the pictures are going to be sent to your home immediately. The delivery time of most products is 2-3 days. Digital downloads can be downloaded immediately.


The pictures are printed by our specialized laboratory. We only use high-quality and long-lasting materials. The silk-paper is especially suitable for portraits.